The Green City Car

A miniature car powered by electricity or solar power, stackable like a shopping cart, able to turn around by 360° and integrated into a network inside an eco-friendly city could soon become reality.

MIT eco-friendly project
MIT is currently working on an eco-friendly pilot project involving clean transport inside metropolitan and big cities. 
The scientists and developers at the university have a pretty concise idea of how this eco-mobility project is to be put into practice. People inside the city would have the possibility to have a more convenient transportation option than busses, subways, trains and even conventional cars. The Green City Car is a clean car that is charged by power stations that are connected to a huge network or even by solar power with solar cells on their roof. As soon as the car is parked on one of those power stations it starts charging. The cars can also be stacked like shopping carts, thus saving space and leaving room for other cars. User cards can be used to personalize the configurations inside the car. One of the most interesting features is the ability of the car to turn by 360°. This gives the car and the driver an extreme flexibility and can change traffic systems significantly. 

Watch the video and see how terrific these modes of transport can be!

Critical Points
There are, however, some disadvantages, that need to be taken into account. The cars are not very fast and they can only be used inside cities. The cars can only seat 2 people which does not permit the transport of groups and would require more than one car if more than 2 people want to travel together. And like all other electric cars, the Green City Car would need to produce some type of noise for safety reasons. In addition, the idea of renting a car rather than owning it does not fit to the way people think. The whole concept of mobility in cities would undergo a significant change and the risk of this concept not being accepted by the wide population is present. 

Nevertheless, the Green City Car is an interesting solution for cities sufficating in traffic jams, harmful exhaust gases and problems of space. It will be interesting to see whether this concept will develop in major cities in the future and to what degree it will be accepted by society.


  1. O fato do carro não ser muito veloz talvez seja indiferente, porque se só pode ser usado em cidades, é mais seguro que não corra. Alias, muitos carros comuns são feitos para cidade (e não para estradas ou trilhas), o que se iguala a este carro, praticamente. O que inviabiliza este carro, acredito que seja o capitalismo, as pessoas querem continuar consumindo pretório e acabando com o planeta porque é mais lucrativo.

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  3. I was looking for something like this…I found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs