Eco-Friendly Homes for Eco-Friendly People

By EcoMary

Going green is the new black, whether you are talking about clothes, food or furniture. If you have also been taken by the new trendy yet priceless for Mother-Earth fab and were wondering how to implement the eco-rules into your place of habitation then here are some ground rules to follow to make the transition to a more eco-friendly house easier. Whether you are trying to redecorate your home or you are about to look for studio apartments for sale in the Central London online, we have a few tips for you on how to make your home an Eco wonderland.

Heat control.
Research suggests that the best and easiest way to save energy, or better yet to control how much energy you spend is to set up a thermostat. With its help not only will you be able to monitor how much heat or cold you use, but also the potential energy savings and the suggested heat and cold temperature that would not endanger mother-earth.

Lights on.
If you were thinking about reducing the consumption of energy in your house, there’s an answer for your needs. What you need to do is change all your bulbs to the LED or fluorescent lightning bulbs that will enable you to get the same result yet to save energy like never before.

Less water means greener.
It might be obvious to most new to eco-renovation that to become greener you must reduce the consumption of water, but it is not always clear how to do it. Researchers suggest changing your toilet to a low-flow one, which might be perceived as not the most convenient, will definitely help you save on your energy bill as 26 per cent of water consumption is being used by the toilet.

If you are new to eco systems all this changes to your household may come as sudden and somewhat overwhelming. So before you start changing your plumbing systems, be sure to go online, go to a classified advertising site, or purchase a manual that will help you get through this with minimum impact and make the transition to your new eco-friendly home as smooth as possible.

Better smarter electronics.
Do you usually leave your electronics on standby mode? Did you know most electronic devices continue to use a some electricity when left in stand by? this is known by many as the vampire effect. So a good way to cut down on electricity consumption is to unplug your devices when you're not using them. A good idea is to purchase a power strip, which helps you to easily switch your devices on and off.

Sell what you're not using.
It might sound stupid, but selling the things you no longer use also helps Mother-Earth. If people would buy more second-hand things we wouldn't feel the need to manufacture new things, which process pollute our air and water. It's also a good way of making some extra cash and at the same time to make more space in your wardrobe. How can you do this? Well there are different options. For example, you can organize a garage sale, just make sure you send some flyers in advance to friends and neighbors. Another option is to put up ads on your local free-classifieds webpage; for example, if you're living in Nigeria you can try this site, but if you're living in the United States you're better off using this other one, if you're in Canada there are other sites, or there's always E-Bay!
Remember, whatever you do, make sure you have fun while you are at it and don’t despair if something doesn’t work out straight away- there’s always a second try!


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