Reasons to be a Vegetarian

There are so many reasons to be a vegetarian that they cannot even be summed up in one sentence. This video is a great summary of facts regarding vegetarian diets and their benefits. As the video is in Spanish, we have taken the time to translate it into English. Keep reading!

1. Because you shouldn't lie to your kids about what they eat.
2. Because a vegetarian diet help prevent heart diseases.
3. Because eating meat and sausages promotes obesity and the aging process.
4. Because no sentient beings want to see their family being slaughtered. 
5. Because animal husbandry for the purpose of producing and selling food can cause serious illnesses. 
6. Because no one should be obliged to earn their living by killing.
7. Because only a miserable person is able to kill a defenseless animal.
8. Because no animal deserves to die for the pleasure of your palate.
9. Because we shouldn't ingest additional cholesterol, our liver produces it naturally.
10. Because in order to produce 1kg of meat, we need 30 times more water than for 1kg of wheat.
11. You cannot eat meat and call yourself an ecologist.
12. Because eating porc doesn't favor your sexual activity. It can actually cause impotence.
13. Because all beings with a nervous system can feel pain.
14. Because it doesn't matter how it is cut...it keeps being a cadaver. 
15. Because the fact that probiotic products improve our immune system has not been proven by science and is a lie.
16. Because animal proteins are the primary cause of bone descalcification.
17. Because the nitrates, the unnatural pink color, that they give to the meat to give it an attractive color are carcinogenic substances.
18. Because the cattle-breeding industry generates more greenhouse gases than all trucks, airplanes, ships, tractors and cars that are on this planet.
19. Because business is not an excuse to assassinate. 
20. Because wings are not for this.
21. Because everyone wants to be free.
22. Because eating fish doesn't make you a vegetarian.
23. Because you are the complice of the slaughterer.
24. Because the grains that are used to feed cows can feed thousands of starving children.

Maybe it is time to become a vegetarian. 

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