The Top 5 Online Eco-Friendly Pet Stores

Are you sick of serving food mixed with artificial flavors, food additives and chemicals to your dog? Have you ever thought about purchasing eco-friendly and healthy dog food? Not everyone has time to cook for their dog or the money to buy fresh meat for them every day. But fortunately, there are quite a few online shops out there that specialize in eco-friendly pet products including organic dog and cat food. Asides from organic pet food, many websites offer other interesting organic and eco-friendly products. 


The Green City Car

A miniature car powered by electricity or solar power, stackable like a shopping cart, able to turn around by 360° and integrated into a network inside an eco-friendly city could soon become reality.

MIT eco-friendly project
MIT is currently working on an eco-friendly pilot project involving clean transport inside metropolitan and big cities. 
The scientists and developers at the university have a pretty concise idea of how this eco-mobility project is to be put into practice. People inside the city would have the possibility to have a more convenient transportation option than busses, subways, trains and even conventional cars. The Green City Car is a clean car that is charged by power stations that are connected to a huge network or even by solar power with solar cells on their roof. As soon as the car is parked on one of those power stations it starts charging. The cars can also be stacked like shopping carts, thus saving space and leaving room for other cars. User cards can be used to personalize the configurations inside the car. One of the most interesting features is the ability of the car to turn by 360°. This gives the car and the driver an extreme flexibility and can change traffic systems significantly. 

Watch the video and see how terrific these modes of transport can be!


Eco-Friendly Homes for Eco-Friendly People

By EcoMary

Going green is the new black, whether you are talking about clothes, food or furniture. If you have also been taken by the new trendy yet priceless for Mother-Earth fab and were wondering how to implement the eco-rules into your place of habitation then here are some ground rules to follow to make the transition to a more eco-friendly house easier. Whether you are trying to redecorate your home or you are about to look for studio apartments for sale in the Central London online, we have a few tips for you on how to make your home an Eco wonderland.


Reasons to be a Vegetarian

There are so many reasons to be a vegetarian that they cannot even be summed up in one sentence. This video is a great summary of facts regarding vegetarian diets and their benefits. As the video is in Spanish, we have taken the time to translate it into English. Keep reading!


Make a Difference!

We are living in a world defined by food scandals: Mad cow disease, foot-and-mouth disease, dioxin chicken scandal, rotten meat sold as new processed food, liquid egg scandal, hch in our milk, salmonella in poultry, hormones and antibiotics in our meat and now the horsemeat scandal. The scandals involving meat don't ever seem to end. And yet in a couple of months, the horsemeat scandal will have been forgotten and customers will grab lasagnas out of the deep freezers again without questioning its origins. It is always the same procedure after each food scandal. We don't learn, we just forget. We don't improve our lifestyle, we just suppress negative emotions and keep living the life we were living before. No change, no improvement, no lesson learnt. We teach our kids to eat healthy but we don't set them a good example. Forgetting past events and negative feelings is part of our nature and our instincts. When a person dies, we mourn, we are angry, we lose our  motivation to keep living. But time heals everything and we start to heal by forgetting. We forget the voice of that loved person whose faces becomes blurry and our memories of that special person become faint. The same happens with food scandals. We forget. And there is no change.


ecoSTORE Honey & Almond Shampoo

Would you like your hair to smell like honey & almond?

The ecoSTORE Honey & Almond Shampoo offers 3 benefits in one product: it moisturizes your hair, gives it volume and keeps your color safe. And you don't have to worry about flushing down dangerous chemicals down the drain. This product is free from sulfate, paraben, dioxane, artifical dyes and fragrances. It is based on plants and minerals which guarantee a gentle cleansing and replenishment of your hair.

We love this product and can recommend it to anyone who like to take care of their hair AND the environment. The shampoo is also available in cucumber and pear.

Check out the other eco-friendly products of the ecoSTORE.

ecoSTORE Toilet Cleaner

You don't need bleach, phosphates or HCL to clean your toilet. ecoSTORE offers an efficient environmentally-friendly Toilet Cleaner that protects the environment, keeps your toilet free from bacteria and unwanted smells and will not flush any nasty chemicals down the drain. The ecoSTORE Toilet Cleaner has a fresh fragrance and keeps your bathroom smelling great for hours.
After the first time using the Toilet Cleaner, I was convinced of the product's quality and efficiency. And all of this for only 3 dollars. Now, I can feel good about cleaning my toilet because my bathroom is clean AND my conscious is free.

You should check out the ecoSTORE's products. You will find plenty of things for your eco-friendly home.