Stop Deforesting Amazonia

Tiago Zegur

Brazil has the biggest tropical forest in the world.  Amazonia is bigger than Monaco, France and Germany together and features over 30% of the whole biodiversity of the planet. The Amazonia has ten different ecosystems and over twenty eco-regions. Deforestation has been taking place in this precious region of the world for many years. Soy fields are planted to provide feed for livestock production which the meat industry is involved in. This forest needs to be saved.

In Amazonia, the biodiversity is amazing and many species such 
as fish, amphibians and arthropods have not even been discovered yet. This means the Amazonian flora and fauna is even richer than we think and exceeds the numbers that have been documented today. Experts estimate that there are more fish species there than in any other basin of the world.

Brazil does fight against deforestation but it should be in the interest of all of us to preserve natural paradises; we can fight this fight together! That`s why the environmental non-profit organization Greenpeace is getting involved in this cause too. Together with Brazil, they are trying to adopt a law called “END OF DEFORESTATION IN BRAZIL” in order to stop this abuse of nature. A petition initiative was commenced in the country with the aim of collecting over one million signatures. This initiative will also be a valuable contribution in the fight against global warming, since deforestation is part of what is causing it. It is important to help; everybody can and should participate.
If you want to find out how to get involved, you should visit the Greenpeace website.

  • How about volunteering at the Greenpeace International Headquarters in Amsterdam?
  • Sailing aboard a Greenpeace ship?
  • Working for Greenpeace?
  • Running your own campaign?

     There are dozens of possibilities for you to help out. Twitter and share this article on Facebook and tell other people about it. We cannot lose this chance.

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