Jennifer Tehraud

Ever worn something made out of bamboo? The material is relatively new on the market and only recently, the clothing industry has discovered its magical benefits.

Bamboo is an extremely fast-growing resource. Clothing made out of bamboo features major benefits compared to synthetic fiber or cotton. The material is very soft as bamboo naturally contains honey pectin. It makes the clothing very comfortable to wear and the material is outstandingly suitable for baby clothing and children’s wear. Another advantage is that bamboo is able to absorb three times as much moisture as other materials such as cotton. This is due to the structure of bamboo as the cross section of the root shows that the bamboo fiber is hollow. This makes the material ideal for people who tend to sweat easily. Thanks to its moisture properties, it is also pleasant to wear bamboo clothing during warm temperatures. The special structure of bamboo even has an insulating effect as it helps you keep cool in the summer and feel warm in the winter. Bamboo is crease-resistant and you don’t have to waste your time ironing. Another great characteristic of bamboo is its antibacterial effect. This reduces and even prevents unpleasant
odors. Bamboo clothing is also antistatic which means the clothing cannot become electrically charged and cause an uncomfortable crackling like it is the case with synthetic fibers. In addition to all the other benefits, bamboo is CO²-neutral which means that during the production of bamboo, CO² is not emitted into the environment. This makes bamboo an eco-friendly material and a great alternative to synthetic fibers and cotton.

Below, we have provided you with a number of different websites where you can purchase bamboo clothing. Let us know about your first bamboo experience!


  1. Our respect for the Earth and love of fashion are beautifully blended in our collection of Eco-friendly clothing. Made of all natural fibers, our sustainable clothing feels as good as it looks.

  2. Another reason why bamboo is a choice of good clothing material is because it has an antimicrobial bio-agent called “Bamboo Kun.” It’s a natural and unique characteristic of bamboo that helps reduce bacteria on clothing. When a fabric has fewer bacteria, unpleasant odors will not thrive on it.

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  4. There is some controversy about bamboo being green or sustainable fabric or not. This is mainly because bamboo rayon manufacturing requires use of chemicals. This is the only argument that purist use against bamboo fabric. Well, using chemical is an essential part of processing pulp into fiber. Cotton, Modal, Soy and even hemp uses some level of chemicals in processing. Now look at the positive side of bamboo. It doesn't use irrigation water as does cotton crop or hemp crops. Bamboo grows much faster than cotton, hemp or beach wood ( used for Modal) and Soy beans used for soy fabric manufacturing. Bamboo doesn't require chemical fertilizers or pesticides as required to raise cotton crop. Bamboo is the most sustainable source of fiber that helps prevent soil degradation due to its network of root system. In essence, bamboo is by far the most eco-friendly fabric next only to organic cotton.