Ecotourism in Buenos Aires

View of the capital from the Reserve. Typical Pampas Gras.

Eco-tourists will feel their heart beating faster in a fabulous place in Buenos Aires: the Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve. 

The Great Egret
The Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve also known as the Reserva Ecológica Costanera Sur is a 865-acre low land territory on the Río de la Plata riverbank located in Puerto Madero only 10 minutes from downtown Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Ecological Reserve is worth a visit if you want to escape from the noise and pollution of the metropolis and discover nature trails where you can watch birds, stroll, cycle, and marvel at the beautiful landscape consisting of a great variety of typical coastal plants and characteristic fauna such as the Pampas Grass. You will be able to observe 60-90 species including bird species such as the Coscoroba, the Great Egret, the Black-necked Swan and White-tufted Grebe. Other wildlife you might be able to admire are the Coypu, Pampas Cavy, Hillary’s Side-necked Turtle and Black Tegu Lizard. 

The Black-Necked Swan
Your duties as a responsible eco-tourist
A common question is what is the difference between aneco-tourist and a common tourist. One of the major differences is the way an ecotourist behaves when he travels in contrast to a common tourist. Respecting the locals and their culture is a top priority. You can learn a couple of words and phrases if your travel destination is located in a country of which you don’t speak the people’s native language.  Consuming local products is another way of supporting the local community and visiting local restaurants in contrast to McDonald’s, Burger King or Kentucky Fried Chicken. You should also use the most environmentally friendly transportation means like busses, trains, bikes and your feet. Picking up your trash especially plastic and non-biodegradable packaging is essential and will show the community that you respect them. Keeping your voice down in Ecological Reserves and Parks guarantees that animals are not disturbed by your presence.

Specific Guidelines to Follow When Visiting the Buenos Aires Ecological Reserve
The entry is free as well as the guided tours that are carried out by the personnel of the Reserve. In return you should demonstrate respect and appreciation of the environment. The park opens from 8am to 6pm in the winter from April to October and from 8am to 7pm in the summer from November to March. You should take into consideration that Argentina is on the southern hemisphere which is the reason why summer in the northern hemisphere takes place at a time when the southern hemisphere experiences winter.

  • Under 16 year olds are only allowed to access the park accompanied by an adult. 
  • Physical activities like cyclic and aerobic are permitted as long as they do not disturb the fauna and flora. Bikes should be ridden slowly (not exceeding 10km/h). After it has rained, it is prohibited to enter the Reserve by bike as this also lead to damage. 
  • Loud noises should be avoided in the park to avoid disturbing animals. Animals should not be fed, captured or pursued. This is how we can ensure their physical and mental well-being. 
  • Plants should not be destroyed, cut off or picked as these are part of the ecosystem of the Reserve. 
  • Smoking should be avoided as this can cause wildfires that could lead to major destructions. 
  • Pets or other animals should not be brought into the park as they can introduce diseases or invade the habitat of the local species. 
  • The waters should not be entered in order to protect the aquatic ecosystems. Only the trails and footpaths should be used for walking.
Cameras are installed inside the Reserve to ensure security and provide medical assistance when necessary as fast as possible.

Descripción: spacerHow to get to the Reserve:
One of the biggest concerns for cyclists and environmentalists that prefer using environmentally friendly means of transport is that there are no bikeways in Puerto Madero. Puerto Madero can be reached by the “Subte” (the subway of Buenos Aires) Line D. At the station “Catedral” you get off and walk towards the Casa Rosada. The Reserve can easily be reached by foot by crossing one of the 5 bridges that represent the extension of Av. Brasil, EE.UU., Av. Belgrano, Tte. Gral. Perón and Av. Cordoba to the East and continuing until the Av. Costanera. The entries are located at the streets Brasil and Viamonte.

Av.Tristán Achaval Rodríguez 1550
(1107) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Capital Federal – República Argentina
(34º 36'S, 58º 27'O)
Tel.: (54 11) 4893-1588/1597
0800-4445343 0800-4445411


  1. I went there with my girlfriend's family and it was wonderful. It's a paradise that only few people know.

  2. People when talk about tourism in Argentina they are all about the obelisk etc. People don`t even know that are so many beautiful places there to be visited. Very good article. Congrats!